Bringing Your Parrot Home

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OK. You have made the decision to purchase a parrot, you researched what breed you want to obtain, now you have to prepare for bringing your parrot home.  You can’t just bring the bird home and turn it loose in the living room.

There are several sources of specific information regarding what cage is best for each breed of parrot on the Internet as well as recommendations from cage manufacturers.  Some parrots like a large cage with lots of open space.  Others prefer a more intimate atmosphere.  You can usually tell which cage is right for you bird by its natural personality. A very active bird will usually tend to prefer a larger cage and the docile bird will be happy with a smaller enclosure.

Some Key Points to Bringing Your Parrot Home

Some birds don’t like to be out in the open like the African Gray Parrot.  This species likes to have its back to a wall.  They get very nervous if they are in a high traffic area.  If you do any research into the habitat that parrots have come from you will find that many of them are prey.  They are part of the food chain and therefore have to be constantly on the alert for predators.  That’s why they will get nervous when strangers are present.  If you keep this in mind when you consider where to place their cage you will have a much happier bird when you bring your parrot home.

You should consider purchasing more than one cage.  That’s right, I have several.  The reason is that you will want to have other options for your feathered friend.  I have a home cage for my bird, which is his primary residence, but sometimes I want to sit outside and share the wonders of the outdoors with him. Moving the large cage outside is not really an option and it would be very upsetting to my parrot.  For that reason I have a smaller cage that I can carry outside on my covered patio.   My bird seems to like the change of scenery and we both can enjoy nature and the wonders of warm spring, summer and fall days. Additionally, you will need a cage for traveling with the bird.  Trips to the vet should be made in a safe environment so buckle your bird in the back seat and have a safe trip.

What Size Cage should you buy before Bringing Your Parrot Home?

Depending on the age of your parrot it might make sense to have a smaller cage for a baby parrot.  The reason is you don’t want an over-sized cage for the younger birds because they can injure themselves in a larger cage by flying into the side of the cage.  They have to learn how to control their flight trajectory before letting them loose in a larger cage.

In addition to the cage you are going to need perches, water and food bowls as wall as some toys to keep your bird occupied.  You can obtain all of these items on line from several distributors.  Just Google Pet parrot supplies and I recommend sites like http://www.whitefeatherbirdproducts.com/, or http://theperchstore.net/.  They have a full array of cages, toys, perches and other fun stuff.

The cage is just one of the items you are going to need.  You will need at least one T-stand for training purposes.  I have several because my guy will behave himself when I take him out of his cage and move to other locations in the house. I use them to let him socialize with my guests while keeping him in one place rather than flying all over the room. These are some of the important considerations that will make bringing your parrot home much more successful.

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