The Perfect Parrot

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What does the term perfect parrot mean?  It is one of those terms that can have a multitude of meanings.  To some, the perfect parrot is one that is unobtrusive, good mannered, quiet, only speaks when spoken to, cleans out its own cage, forages for food on its own and learns 25 complicated tricks by reading the manual.  If this is what you would like in an ideal world, join the throngs of bird lovers out there!

The Perfect Parrot

The Perfect Parrot...even brings you a fresh margarita!

OK, now let’s look at the reality of the situation. I know the above is not a description of my bird.  But, you can obtain certain desirable traits by adopting a bird with those traits.

Some swear the the African Gray Parrot is the perfect parrot.  In fact, in studies conducted regarding popular parrot breeds, the African Gray is at the top of almost every list.  It has a gray coloring throughout its body, with a bright red tail. The African Gray parrot is famous for its ability to talk and even hold a rudimentary conversation of sorts.  The most famous African Gray just passed away recently and was renowned for its vocabulary of several thousand words.  So, if you want a talker there are many breeds that are real yackers.  Some breeds rarely talk, but imitate sounds like a phone ringing.

Does The Perfect Parrot Talk Your Ears Off?

Some birds are pretty quiet and if a squawking parrot is not a perfect parrot in your estimation be sure to read PARROT TYPES on another page on this website.  We go into more detail regarding the ten most popular breeds of parrots. One of them might be the perfect parrot for your situation. Here is an example; My first bird was a budgie or Parakeet and “Holly” was quite a talker.  However, the difference between that Parakeet and a Macaw is the level of volume.  When a parakeet screeches it does not get your attention like the screech of a Macaw.

Consider the age of your children if you are looking for a perfect parrot.  The smaller birds make better pets for small children.  In addition to Parakeets you might consider a Cockatiel, which is really a smaller version of the parrots in the Cockatoo family.

The next breed that might be the perfect parrot for you is the Conure Parrot – which many breeders refer to as a mini-Macaw.  They get that reputation because of the bright feather coloration.  One of the other factors is that by being a smaller version of the bigger parrot you just don’t have the mess that some of the bigger breeds can create. The Conure Parrot is considered a perfect parrot for some bird enthusiasts.  That goes for the cage requirements…the bigger the bird, the bigger the cage you are going to need.

What Does Long John Silvers Bird Have To Do With The Perfect Parrot?

If in your mind you feel the perfect parrot is the Captain “Long John” Silvers bird, then the various breeds of Macaws are for you.   These birds are best if obtained from a reputable breeder and are hand-raised vs. any bird caught in the wild.  This is an important consideration due to the fact that some countries have placed some parrot breeds on the endangered list.  Make sure your breeder has a good reputation (Better Business Bureau, Google search his name and company, go on line to some Parrot sites with Forums and ask questions).  Also keep in mind that the bigger the bird, the more it can cost.  If you are concerned about cost and you feel the Macaws are your perfect parrot be prepared to shell out $1,500-$2,000 or more.  Considering they live for 50-60 years it is not bad investment.

Parrots have brought me a great deal of joy over the years and I strongly recommend them as a pet and constant companion. The perfect parrot is the one you adopt and welcome into your home.  Enjoy the antics, enjoy the activity and you will find they can be great stress relievers.

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