The Red-lored Parrot Might be Right for You

They are also known by the name Yellow Cheek Amazon or Scarlet-lored Amazon.  This parrot is generally found in the Central and South American tropical forests and jungles among the canopy area.  They usually will habitat unpopulated areas rather than the more settled areas of that region. Legend has it that Christopher Columbus brought the first Red-lored Parrot to Europe on one of his return trips.  As with many species the the Red-lored parrots are experiencing shrinking habitat due to rainforest destruction, due to farming activities and lumber production. Local populations actually will hunt them as a food sources and for the Red-lored parrot’s brightly colored feathers that are used in native population’s ceremonial dance costumes.

They range from 9-20 inches in height and are about 13 inches in length.  This make the bird smaller than the average Macaw Parrot. They are predominately green in feather coloration with the lore area above the beak in bright red. Their crown area can be blue. There is an additional yellow coloration on the tips of their wing feathers and tails. This coloration make for a spectacular view when they spread their wings. Sometime they will have a bluish tint to the tail feather tips. Most species have yellow cheeks and sometimes a red spots. The male and female have the same coloration.

How Long Do Red-lored Parrots Live?

The Red-lored parrots are long living.  In captivity they can live as long as eighty years so be sure you are committed prior to purchasing these birds.  They live about half that time in the wild because of environmental conditions and natural prey such as snakes, monkeys and predatory birds as well as the biggest threat, man himself.  The trade in Red-lored parrots is regulated by local laws in the hope to preserve the species in the wild. Because they are on the endangered list it is important to make sure you NEVER buy a imported bird.  It is not illegal to own on and if you get it from a reputable breeder you can own one and be doing your part to protect the species.

The diet you feed a Red-lored parrot will also contribute to the longevity of these birds.  A diet of fruit and vegetables is always a good start with parrot pellets, biscuits and some nuts added for variety and nutritional support. They seem to prefer pine nuts as a daily treat and training reward. Note: avoid avocado and eggplant as they are poisonous to all parrots.

A Red-lored parrot is not a quite pet as they can be quite loud.  They are very vocal and outgoing but also have a gentle nature. In fact, most Red-lored parrot owners state that the birds are loving and affectionate. This gentle nature makes them a very popular parrot pet. In the wild they are tree dwelling birds and you will find them in large flocks.  In the wild those flocks tend to remain in the general area as they are not far ranging birds.  As with most parrots the Red-lored parrots use their beaks as a second set of feet.  They use the beak to assist them with climbing and breaking seeds into eatable parts.

The Red-lored Parrots are Very Trainable.

Red-lored parrots rank high on the intelligence scale and have an average vocabulary in captivity. Because of their intelligence they are very “trainable”. Intelligence comes with a price in that they do require your attention. A Red-lored parrot will get bored if you leave them alone for too long. If you get them talking they are quite the “yakker” and some seem to really turn up the volume.  However you will find their temperament to range from quite and curious to aggressive.  Utilize behavior training to curb a Red-lored Parrots noisy nature if you happen to have a loud bird..

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