Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot

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The Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot is a very popular choice for new owners

Second in popularity to the African Grey Parrot, the Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot is among the most sought after breeds of parrot. They have caught the attention of parrot lovers because of their striking coloration. The Amazon Yellow Headed Parrots feathers are bright yellow on their head with a brilliant green coloration over the remainder of their bodies with the exception of red patches on each wing. The Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot typically is 14-15 inches in length and this makes then one of the largest of the Amazon parrot species. The wingspan is about eight to nine inches.

You can the Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot in the coastal regions of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and the northwestern Amazon basin. They prefer tropical or subtropical forests where trees are available for nesting. You can find the Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot in savannahs and mangrove swamps as long as established trees are in the area.

In past years you could obtain these magnificent birds thru a broker that dealt in parrots from South America. However, the Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot is now on the endangered list because much of their native nesting areas have been destroyed with deforestation that has occurred as civilization has slowly moved into their habitat. Now if you want a Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot you will have to find one that has been bred in captivity. Like all parrots they are quite pricey, but that goes with the territory.

The Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot is very intelligent

The African Grey Parrot is one of the most intelligent parrots and the Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot is a close second. They are good talkers as a general rule. These parrots are very vocal and prone to screeching and squawking. In fact, if you are looking for a quite companion then the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot is not the best pick for you. They seem to be especially vocal in the early morning and at dusk. The good news is that they are great imitators. With proper training you can a Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot to talk vs. the noisy behavior that is natural to them.

Additionally, they need a large assortment of chewing toys and branches to curb their natural inclination to use their beaks for grasping and climbing. The Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot have an active nature and are rarely shy around strangers. Very friendly parrot and is known to get along with other parrots because of their social nature. In the wild the Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot will flock together in large groups that can exceed 100 birds. Their antics and comical nature will keep you laughing.

They are very strong natured and need an owner with a similar personality. Their intelligence can be a blessing and a curse. The Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot’s intelligence makes them easy to train but they can have a stubborn nature and will test their owners. However their intelligence means you have to keep them engaged because they can become bored very easily.

It is suggested to raise them in an enclosure like an aviary because Amazon Yellow Headed Parrots love to fly and exercise and are very active. While this is not possible for most parrot lovers they adapt well to a large cage as long as you offer them daily exercise. They love to climb, so make sure their cages have enough room for branches and perches to accommodate this activity.

The diet for a Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot consists of leaf buds, blossoms, berries, nuts, fruits, pellet food and vegetables. In the wild they can be pests because the flocks will raid agricultural crops, which does not endear them to the local farmers.

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