Here are some additional articles:

Teaching Your Parrot to Talk:  Some species are more prone to chatting than others but the species does not guarantee you will get a talker.  There are a few things that will stack the odds in your favor though.

Parrot Feeding and Diet:  Good nutrition is probably the most important ingredient contributing to longevity, good health and reproductive health in your parrot. A diet that is primarily seed based will probably shorten the life of your bird. If your bird is not getting a balanced diet it tends toward malnutrition and this leads to all types of medical problems such as bacterial, viral and fungal diseases.

African Grey Parrot: A brief overview of habits, feeding and care of this popular species.

The Red-Lored Amazon Parrot: A brief overview of habits, feeding and care of this wonderful parrot breed.

Bringing Your Parrot Home: OK. You have made the decision to purchase a parrot, you researched what breed you want to obtain, now you have to prepare for the birds homecoming.  You can’t just bring the bird home and turn it loose in the living room.  There are several sources of specific information regarding what cage is best for each breed of parrot on the Internet as well as recommendations from cage manufacturers.  Some parrots like a large cage with lots of open space.  Others prefer a more intimate atmosphere.  You can usually tell which cage is right for you bird by its natural personality. A very active bird will usually tend to prefer a larger cage and the docile bird will be happy with a smaller enclosure.

Got A Screeching Parrot-Read On!: A screeching parrot can drive you crazy.  This article list some steps you can take to try to teach your bird better manners.

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