Parrot Information – What You Need to Know Before You Purchase a Parrot

You can buy shoes, a blouse, a book and many more items on impulse. A parrot is not one of those things you buy on an impulse. Yet, I see many new parrot owners that have done just that. There are many reasons why an impulse buy can get you in trouble.

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1.  A parrot is not an inexpensive purchase. Most parrots can cost upwards of $1,500-$2,000 for some exotic species. At the low end, they are still a little pricey costing $300-$400.

2.  A parrot is a lifetime commitment. What do I mean by this? Parrots live for 25-30 years, for the smaller sized birds, and up to 60-70 years for the larger species. That means that if you purchase a larger parrot when you are 25 and it is cared for, it should be around till you are 85-90! It’s not like a dog or cat that lives for 10-15 years before expiring.

3.  A parrot requires a fair amount of attention, as they are social in nature. They crave and sometimes demand your attention. This can be comforting if you consider the parrot a companion and annoying if you are not willing to give it the attention it demands.

4.  A parrot requires a fair amount of maintenance. What I mean by that is their cages have to be kept clean. This means cleaning the perches, washing out the water bowl and a few other items to keep the bird in good health.

5.  A parrot has to be fed on a regular basis. Fresh seed and parrot food has to be provided and replaced if it gets soiled.

6.  A parrot won’t talk, do tricks or perform for you without a fair amount of time being devoted to the learning process. If you want a bird that talks like Long John Silvers bird, you have to spend time with your bird on these skills. Now a bird can be trained to do a number of simple tricks, but it does take an investment of time to accomplish this.

7.  Parrots can develop some bad habits on their own. You can usually correct these habits with an investment in time.


1.  The parrot purchase is a cost effective investment. Think about it…Lets say the parrot lives for 60 years. You bought the bird for $2,000 from a reputable breeder. Do the math. That is just $33.00 per year. Not bad when you look at it this way. You could spend that much for a pedigreed dog and that animal is only going to live for 10-15 years making the dog a $150.00 per year investment. Now these figures don’t take into account yearly upkeep costs, but all in all a parrot is a pretty good investment.

2.  A parrot is a social animal and hence it is a great companion.  It’s not like tropical fish that could care less about you.  When you come home to a parrot it is usually very vocal, happy to see you and that is what companionship is all about.

3.  Caring for your parrot will build the bond between you and your pet.  This bond has been shown to improve the health of many pet owners by relieving stress.

4.  Parrots are clowns by nature and they will make you laugh. You will share in their accomplishments and as they learn skills, tricks and vocabulary you will become the proud owner and that a good thing!

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