Parrot Breeders – Why Choose A Parrot Breeder Carefully

There are several methods you could use to obtain a parrot.  You could get your jungle gear and head for the Amazon, but that is not only impractical but also probably illegal.  You could search the Internet for rescue groups or just go to a pet store. What you will be missing, thought, is a valuable piece of information – The bird’s history and the environment that it was raised. Only parrot breeders can supply that information.

Parrot breeders are, in my opinion, the best way to assure yourself you are getting a bird that was raised properly and you can learn the history of the parents.  In fact, I have sometimes heard of parrot breeders being the surrogate parents. I always check a parrot breeder’s reputation out.  With the Internet, you can do a Google search for the parrot breeder by name and the name of his company.  I feel that even though his operation might appear to be top notch, over the course of a number of years a person’s reputation is reinforced.  Read the reviews because it is hard to hide a particular parrot breeder’s bad behavior over the long run.

Baby Eclectus Parrot

Parrot Breeders Are The Best Source of Baby Parrots

Using Parrot Breeders-Why they make sense for most bird owners

Parrot breeders methods of raising a baby parrot are varied and very individual in nature.  There are several steps that most parrot breeders go thru before offering a parrot for sale. The first step is just getting nutritious food into the small bird. The next step that parrot breeders will undertake is weaning the bird off the initial diet onto the solid food it will be eating for the remainder of its life.  Your bird should freely accept fresh produce, warm soft food and some pellets and seed as a diet by the time you bring it into its new home.

A responsible parrot breeder will allow a baby parrot to spread its wings-so to speak. One of the innate abilities of most birds is the ability to fly and maneuver in the air.  It seems like a simple task for a bird to take off, fly to a branch or perch and land safely.  A baby parrot learns this as his wing feathers come in.  A reputable parrot breeder will not clip a baby parrots wings until it has mastered this very basic skill.  Most parrot owners will have the birds wings clipped, as they mature, to keep them from breaking stuff in the home. I found that birds that were allowed to learn to fly by a parrot breeder were much better adjusted and were better at socializing. Socialization is a natural part and a critical part of a parrot’s emotional development. Most parrot breeders understand how important these skills are to a developing parrot.

One of the skills a baby parrot has to develop is bathing.  Even though it seems like a natural skill, make sure your parrot breeder has introduced your bird to this very important aspect of its daily life.  The earlier your parrot breeder introduces a bird to this activity, the better adjusted it will be.

How to find reputable parrot breeders

I always recommend you personally view your parrot breeder’s aviaries.  You can tell a lot about the environment your bird was raised in, just by observing this very simple task.  Most parrot breeders will welcome your questions even after you have made a purchase and taken your bird home.  The good parrot breeders feel a sense of responsibility when it comes to the brood they raise.  I know several who will interview you and refuse to sell you a bird if they don’t think you will take care of it.  Some parrot breeders will actually take a bird back if you have issues rather than have it “pawned” off to a home where the conditions are not ideal.  Pet shops have obtained a poor reputation vs. parrot breeders when it comes to some species of animals. I know a few good ones, but personally I would always look to a parrot breeder to purchase a parrot from.  Considering that some parrots have lived to the ripe old age of 100, it is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Do your homework.  There are a number of pages on this website that deal with specific breeds and their characteristics’, as well as reputable parrot breeders to start your parrot raising endeavors.

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