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This site is dedicated to increasing your knowledge of the parrot caring process. Parrots are great companions and if properly cared for will live for many years.  Additionally, we will provide you with information about various parrot species so that you can make an informed decision on which breed to purchase. There is information regarding the feeding, cages, health issues and a whole lot more.  Our mission is to spread the knowledge necessary to heighten your appreciation about the intricacies of parrot ownership and care.

Our ten part mini-course is FREE of charge and is intended to help you “dip your foot” into the parrot care and ownership knowledge base. If you are motivated and enticed by this information there are other resources on this site that will give you a more in-depth exposure to the whole parrot care, ownership and training process.

It is our desire to see you succeed. Think about this. You are sitting around the living room with your pet parrot on your shoulder. Ask your parrot a question and it nods its head “yes” or “no” depending on the answer. Your guests are going to be amazed at its skill. I know I would be!

Our “Raising Polly” eBook and the Free bonus book “12 simple Parrot Tricks” is the elite level of knowledge that you will need for a successful parrot ownership experience. It provides the information you will need to create an environment for a healthy, happy, well-adjusted parrot. Additionally, the parrot tricks book provides step-by-step instructions for 12 amazing tricks that your bird can learn to “wow” your friends.

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