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Welcome to Learning About Parrots – The Ultimate How-To site for parrot information.

My name is Michael Joseph Jr. and it seems like I have been involved with parrots all my life. Between my grandfather’s accumulated knowledge, while living in the tropics, combined with my experiences I have compiled a vast amount of information regarding the adopting, raising and caring for parrots.  I am so passionate about this that I am willing to share a 10-part mini-course with you for FREE.  That’s right it is FREE!

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My 10-part mini-course contains information about:

1. What is the essence of being a parrot?  Learn the two traits that make a parrot a parrot.

2. Parrots live really, really long.  Why buying a parrot is not an impulse buy.

3. The many parrot types – so many choices.  There are 345 species of parrots and the question is “Which one is best for you”?

4. Parrots need their shut-eye. With all the effort Polly puts into being a cute bird it is not surprising that the bird needs it sleep.

5. Parrots are social by nature.  Why do you think they flock together?  They want to compare notes, talk a little.

6. Proper feeding of parrots.  It’s not rocket science.  Good nutritional food yields a happier, healthier bird.  Junk food gets a bird in trouble.  Just like us humans.

7. Parrot cage size. Why it is important to choose the right size cage for your bird.

8. Parrots just want to talk.  That is, some of them. Some breeds are more vocal than others….that can be both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on your nature.

9. Healthy parrot indicators.  If he looks healthy and acts healthy, then he is probably healthy.  Some things to avoid in raising your parrot.

10. Parrot health secrets.  Some little known facts about a healthy parrot and what to look for.

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